Summer 2024

Does it feel too early to think about Christmas? Not for TLF! Tending to the farm is a year-round task. Spring and summer are busy times on the farm, as Nature wakes up from her long winter’s nap. The beehives start buzzing again as the bees begin making test flights and collecting nectar and pollen from around the farm. And we start buzzing as well, heeling in trees, setting up irrigation, and making sure we are ready for the summer.

The crew has planted over 150 trees this spring. This year we’ve planted Nordmann and the ever-popular Concolor firs.

Fir trees are favorites at TLF – soft needles and that beautiful evergreen scent make these varieties favorites for Christmas trees. We’re especially excited to be planting Nordmann firs. These are a variety that is originally from the Black Sea region, and they have a reputation for great needle retention.

When we plant seedlings, they are already several years old. Each seedling starts out in a small pot and spends at least two years growing before we transplant them. A big part of making sure they will grow successfully after transplanting is a steady supply of water, so we make sure we have irrigation ready to go for the season. In our hot summers, hydration is essential for humans and trees alike!

Beneath a sky partly overcast with fluffy white clouds, a row of pipes stretches across the image away from the viewer through a dirt field of newly-planted, foot-high Christmas trees.  Sprinklers spaced on the pipe are sending water spraying in high arcs over the trees.
Irrigation suppling water to newly planted trees.

Another important job all spring and summer is mowing. If mowing your lawn is among your least favorite chores, imagine having to mow between all of these little trees! Luckily, Bruce has years of expertise in mowing efficiency, and you’ll see him out throughout the summer.

A man operates a red riding mower on a green grassy field in between rows of young Christmas trees that are each only a foot high.  He works beneath a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.
Bruce operating the mower on a spring afternoon.

While the bees continue their flights around the farm, we’ll be out there keeping them company all summer. We hope everyone has a great summer and that the weather stays beautiful for everyone!