Taking Care Of Your Tree

A live Christmas Tree can be enjoyed for weeks if you take a few minutes every day to care
for it. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Christmas Trees like cool air, so keep this in mind when you put your tree up. Pick a location that isn’t too warm, away from radiators and baseboards as well as any open flames. Make sure you choose a stand with a large water reservoir, and that you leave yourself space to get to the stand easily to water your tree.
  • If you aren’t putting your tree up right away, it can stay outside in a bucket of water. Before you bring it inside, you can make a fresh cut of about an inch on the trunk, so that the treebark has a nice fresh surface for drinking. Leave the netting on until after you’ve gotten the tree set up: it will make it easier to get it through doorways and set up straight in the stand. Once it’s been removed, the plastic netting is recyclable.
  • WATER. This one’s important, so we’ll say it again: WATER. Your tree is going to drink a great deal over the first several days inside as it adjusts to its new home. Check your stand multiple times a day to make sure it has plenty to drink. You should never let the water level drop beneath the bottom of the trunk — trees don’t like to go dry. If you’re going to be away for a few days, have someone check the tree for you — it’s like a pet!
  • All your tree needs is water: no fancy food or aspirin is necessary! They drink fresh water while they’re growing, so that’s all you have to give them once they’re in your house.
  • Your tree will shed some needles throughout the holiday. This is normal: evergreens shed needles all the time, just like we do with hair.
  • Check your lights over carefully before you decorate your tree, and make sure they are all in working order and there are no exposed or fraying wires.  Turn the lights off when everyone’s asleep or there is no one at home, so the tree has a chance to rest and stay cool.