There are many evergreens used as Christmas trees, and each variety has its own distinctive characteristics. We grow several different varieties here at Tilden Lane Farm, and also offer precut trees ready to take home right away.


Our 2014 Varieties

Our 2014 Varieties

Spruces have stiff branches and needles which hold up well to the weight of lights and decorations.

  • Blue Spruce has a distinctive blue-green color, with short, pointy needles.
  • White Spruce has a greener needle, with short pointy needles like its cousin the Blue Spruce.
  • Norway Spruce has a bright green needle and is softer than its blue and white cousins.

Firs have the best needle retention and a “piney” scent.  If you like to keep your tree up for a long time, a fir is your best choice.

  • Concolor Firs are also known as White Firs.  They have long, soft needles that are a lighter color underneath.  They’re popular for their scent.
  • Fraser Firs are not native to Long Island, and in our climate they tend to grow very tall and narrow.  Our plantings of these are very limted.



Our pre-cut trees are the Fraser Fir  variety, which combine the branch strength of spruce trees with the fragrance that makes fir trees so popular.  They also have excellent needle retention.  Fraser Firs prefer a cool climate and elevated growing location, so we bring them to you fresh cut from Pennsylvania.