2023 Season

Where has the time gone? School has started, rain has fallen, and summer has faded. Strawberry season came and went in a flash, and our beehives had a busy summer gathering nectar and pollen from all over the farm. But we’ve been hard at work, because Christmas is coming before you know it!

A Christmas tree, growing in a field, backlit by a sun-lit cloud.  A lens flare cuts diagonally across the picture.

Our schedule for Christmas 2023 will be:

Saturday, November 25
Sunday, November 26

Saturday, December 2
Sunday, December 3

Saturday, December 9
Sunday, December 10

Our hours are 9 am – 3 pm. Prices remain unchanged from 2022: Trees are $80 and up; wreaths are $40. Accepted payment methods are cash and check.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our cut-your-own trees, we strongly recommend you visit us on Saturday 11/26 if you wish to cut your own tree, in order to have the best selection. We cannot guarantee availability after this date. We will also have our selection of pre-cut trees in multiple varieties.

Rows of freshly planted Christmas trees stretch across a field.

The farm stays busy all spring and summer each year as we plant new fields of Christmas trees. Look around the farm and you’ll see blocks of fir and spruce seedlings growing- they take from five to seven years to reach a salable height, and Mother Nature can’t be rushed! As you visit each year, you can enjoy watching these baby trees grow and flourish until they are at last ready to be chosen as a family’s Christmas tree – and then a new tree will be planted in its place, and we begin the cycle again.

Our hand crafted wreaths, made with fresh boughs from the farm, will be available with your choice of Jeanne’s handmade bows. We’re also pleased to once again offer of our local honey from our own beehives, thanks to another great year of work by our bees. If it’s a warm day when you visit, you may be able to see some of the bees at work. Ask one of our “branch managers” to show you the hives!

In front of a circle of honeybee hive boxes, a yellow sign reads, "CAUTION No Trespassing Honeybee Yard.  Do not disturb the honeybees.  Their pollinating work ensures your food supplies."

As always, we suggest you dress for the weather, and if you are bringing your family dog please ensure they remain leashed for your entire visit.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the farm for another season and seeing you all in just a few short months!